City-trip to London



We got up very early this day.
We joined the group on the platform in Verviers. It was 5,30 AM (half past five) .
We arrived in Brussels South at 7,05 AM (five past seven) where we had a cup of coffee after the check-in and customs. We went to the toilets before getting in the Eurostar. The trains were on time.
In London, we bought the one-day travelcards for the underground and buses. It cost £8.40, so approximately €10.50. We visited China Town, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and saw Piccadilly Circus.
We took the underground to go and visit the the Tate Modern museum. Later, we stopped at Marks & Speancer's to buy some food. The group had lunch in Green Park. The weather was sunny.
Then, we walked to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and finally London Eye. We caught a double-decker bus to Regent Street. We did some shopping and had a drink. It was time to go back to St Pancras Station. 
It was a fantastic city-trip but we were all really tired because we walked a lot.

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